Shocks and Springs

The coilovers I am using for my car are the following:


Varishock Quickset 1 – 10.05″-14.3″ travel.  Shock data available here:

Damping has a single adjustment knob that varies bound/rebound at the same time.  Damping data excerpt:


Summit Racing Coilover Shocks – 10.125″ -14″ travel, bound/rebound adjusted with two separate knobs


Starting the painting on the car, which includes fibreglass nosecone and scuttle, aluminum body panels and steel fenders. Fenders were primed already with iron oxide primer in some places and zinc chromate in others. Sanded the primed fenders down with 120, 220, and 320 grit paper, then painted them with a foam roller. Paint product is a semi-gloss beautiful-tone Rust Coat product. Following YouTube guides, we thinned the alkyd paint with varisol thinner to improve the smoothness of the paint finish.  Applied 3 coats to each fender with some drying between coats.   In some locations the thinned paint seemed to take up the previous coats. More coats will be required, but we’ll wait until the paint has cured fully and thin the paint less. Paint was thinned 2 part thinner 3 part paint.

Fenders to be black with international red body.

Red over zinc chromate (right), tsp cleaned aluminum (mid), and alkyd rust coat grey primer (left) on test piece.