Engine Bay

Cleaned up the engine bay to get loose wires and hoses mounted. Also made a small bracket to hold the air filter in place.

Alignment Pt 2

Since picking up the new front shocks and rear springs, we’ve settled on a final ride height. Now that the ride height is set, we decided to re-check the alignment for the car prior to inspections.

We followed the procedure outlined on a Miata.net tutorial, which is clearly laid out and linked below:


To start we varicose that our ride height was even. The rear right wheel needed some adjustment, but we finished with a ride height of 5-7/8″ height across the front and 6-3/8″ height across the rear. The car will have a little rake, which may provide some downforce for the car.

Next we set up strings on jack stands to intersect the wheel centres on each side of the car.

We then adjusted the strings to be parallel with each other and with the car itself by measuring the distances between the wheel centres and the strings. The track of our car is slightly narrower in the front, even more so than the Miata NA that we took parts from.

The rear toe in was found to be within Miata Spec, at -1.3mm on the left and -2.5mm on the right. The front toe was adjusted to have a toe in a -1mm at both sides.  This was done easily by adjusting the steering rack ends in at the wheel hubs.

Next we did a check of the camber to find the rear wheels having roughly -.5 degrees camber on both sides, with the front left having -1 degree and the front right having -2 degrees. We will need to adjust the front right to -1 degree.