Alignment Pt.3

Mechanical inspector took the car for a test drive/shakedown. Alignment was way off and needed to be redone, despite previous efforts.  Mis-alignment can likely be attributed to not rolling the car forwards and backwards to let the suspension settle prior making adjustments. This would give the tires a chance to move away from the car, as raising and lowering the car on a jack naturally sets the tire closest to the chassis.   Re-aligned everything as well as adjusted the front track, to widen match the rear track almost.   Also aligned based on the centre line of the chassis to see what variance there is between left and right suspensions.

Chassis centre line.
String line, right side.
String line, left side
Front suspension adjustments are much easier than the rear.
Day 1 alignment stats

Day two alignment meant adjusting the rear left toe to get closer to the factory 3mm toe in setting and reducing the negative camber on the front right.

End of day 2 alignment stats.

Figures were taken and adjusted for a car with no people in it.