Exhaust Gasket Replacement

Noticed our home made exhaust gasket between the header and pipe was cracked. Ordered a new one from the local parts store, but the holes and alignment with the exhaust was off unfortunately. Had to enlarge the holes with a dremmel tool to fit on the studs and align better. Not sure why the factory gasket didn’t fit correctly.


Front fender reinforcement

Front fenders were wagging around a lot over bumps. One of the two supports fatigued and cracked off. Reinforced the weak point on all fender supports and now the fenders ride steady with no oscillations/flopping around.

Rear Suspension Bushings

Structural inspector required that the rear lower suspension bushings needed to have shoulders. Ordered bushing kits and had to turn them down on the lathe. Ordered new suspension bolts to accommodate the additional length required by the bushing shoulders.