Brakes and Clutch

Prior to performing the first drive, the brakes and clutch were made operational. For the brakes, the lines were installed, filled with fluid and bled. Started bleeding at the furthest brake caliper and made our way up to the closest to the master cylinder, then repeated until there were no more air bubbles. Luckily none of the bleeder screws/valves on the calipers were seized shut. A Wilwood brake proportioning valve was installed in the line that I purchased from Flyin’ Miata (

For the clutch, the existing slave cylinder was seized and had to be replaced with new one I picked up from a local auto parts store. Once replaced, the master was filled with fluid and line was bled.

New clutch slave.
Old seized clutch slave.
Factory service manual clutch slave diagram.
Service manual clutch slave mounting torques.
Bleeding brakes.
Bleeding brakes. Rims and tires need cleaning.