Fuel System pt2

Received the new fuel pump, fuel filter in the mail and I picked up fuel injection line to use as my regular fuel line.  Fuel line is a Barricade with a rated working capacity of 225psi noted on the hose although the guy at NAPA auto said it was rated to 180 psi working pressure.

Layed up a section of fuel line to see how it will run and if I had enough. Looks like it will work well.  Will have to work out mounting the fuel pump somewhere onto the frame to avoid vibrations and noise.

fuel line
Fuel line running through the driveshaft tunnel.
fuel hose
3/8″ Fuel injection hose – Barricade Greenshield 225 PSI. Picked up 20′ of this. Sold for $3.90 a foot at local NAPA auto.
fuel pump and filter
Wix fuel filter (made in Russia) and Airtex E8248 fuel pump. Pump comes with mounting brackets and hose clamps.