Quiet Muffler

Switched the muffler out on the car to make it quieter.

The previously installed muffler was a motorcycle muffler which featured two types of glass packing surrounding a straight thru steel mesh tube. I opened the muffler up and found that some of the glass packing was blown/burned out in a few areas.  The canister of this muffler is about 18” long with a diameter of 4.5”. This muffler was very loud and had a lot of drone at idle. It did sound awesome when the throttle was full on.

Installed a newer muffler. This one is off a motor cycle. It is longer than the old one. When you look down the pipe there is a mesh tube and what looks like a baffle, so it is not a straight thru design. The muffler is labeled Yutaka 2334 and seems to be off of a Honda CBR600.   The muffler has a 2-2.25” inlet and a much smaller outlet. The muffler is a lot quieter and should be quiet enough for the inspector.

Yutaka 2334 muffler
New Muffler
Old muffler, opened and glass packing unravelled. Glass was burned out in a few locations, but mesh tube is in reasonable shape.