Steering Rack Rod and Welding

Replaced the left steering rack rod.  The power steering rack I had had a slightly bent inner rod.  Had a new so removed the old, and installed the new.  Had to reuse the inner ball joint boot for containing grease and the larger accordion boot for keeping general debris away from the ball joint area.  Will need to install a boot clamp at the outer side later.  Installed and torqued to spec per the factory service manual (FSM).  Adjusted the toe in to within the FSM spec which was -3.0 mm (+/-) 3.0 mm.  Will need to adjust my front wheel camber at another time too.



Finished some stich welding of the chassis pan to the chassis as well as installing two tabs at the rear of the chassis for attachment of the rear fenders.  Fillet welded on the inboard side after tacking on the outboard side.  Will need to fabricate and install two more tabs also for attachment of the rear fenders.