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Cooling System

Started to put together the cooling system for the car. Purchased some miscellaneous hoses with roughly the right length and shape for the top of the radiator to the thermostat and the bottom of the radiator to the engine block. The honda  civic radiator has smaller hoses so will have to step down the larger miata size hoses so there are no leaks.

Will need to pick up a few more items for the system including a the thermo switch on the top of the thermostat.  According to this site: http://www.miata.net/garage/CoolingSystemProblems.html the thermo switch on the thermostat controls the radiator fan, and will turn it on at 207 deg F .  The Supercharger add on came with a 160 deg F thermostat, to help with engine pre-detonation.  If the cooling system functions nicely, then I will not need the fan, but I have a feeling that by downsizing the radiator (civic) that I may want the fan running at lower temperatures that 207 deg F to keep everything cool.

After reading this article (http://www.tuneruniversity.com/blog/2012/04/low-temp-thermostats-whats-the-advantage/)  on lower temp thermostats, it seems like it may not help the engine all that much, and what I really want to make sure of is that my radiator is up to the task and that my fan will kick in and help out the radiator enough.

Will probably have to get a overflow reservoir for the cooling system as well.

Radiator Hoses
Radiator hoses loosely placed.
Stock thermostat on the right (182-188 deg F sub-valve, 188-193 main valve), and aftermarket thermostat on the right for the supercharger (160 deg F)
thermostats top
Aftermarket thermostat on left, stock thermostat on right.
thermostat housing.
Thermostat housing at the front of the miata motor. Thermoswitch is missing from top of the housing. Had a housing bolt shear off during removal, had to weld a nut on the end of the stud, liberally apply penetrating oil and it came out fine. Had a couple extra bolts on a spare housing.
lower rad hose
General placement of lower rad hose. I retained the portion of miata rad hose and piping (with mounting bracket) coming off of the engine. This meant that my new hose didnt have to span as far, and all the pre-formed bends lined up better.
Lower rad hose side view
Shot of the section of rad hose coming off the engine that I retained. Will have to make a bracket on the frame so that I can fasten it down.
Miata Cooling System
Miata Cooling System Diagram